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*Forbidden Fruit May Bead Of The Month No. 36 BOTM AAX028

*Forbidden Fruit May Bead Of The Month No. 36 BOTM AAX028

Item# AAX028



As with all BOTM charms, this is sure to go fast on preorder, we are trying to update inventory as orders come in, if two customers have the last ones in their cart, it is first come first serve and we will refund the last received order if we run out of available quantity. We are sorry if this happens, with quantities we do try to be as fair as possible.

How cool is this design? Each bead will be serialized with accompanying COA. This is a two-bead set, the apple, and the snake are two different beads that fit together. They may be worn separately. The snake is large enough to fit a typical sized glass bead as well. This item will include special packaging: a wood box, styled as an apple-crate, with an approximate size of 6x6x5cm.

Everyone in our Ohmily should add this to their collection as it is sure to become a quick collectible, Ohm beads are a fun way to mix and match your designer styles. The sterling silver is .925, not plated or bonded. If you've been collecting the Ohm BOTM bead charms, you know most sell out in pre-order, before the release dates. This bead will be no exception.... we recommend grabbing one for yourself, and maybe as a gift, because when it's gone... it's gone. Only 2,222 are being made.

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