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Dirty Magic Cauldron Ohm Bead Charm for Bracelet AAX601

Dirty Magic Cauldron Ohm Bead Charm for Bracelet AAX601

Item# AAX601


OHM - DIRTY MAGIC. Whether you use it for cooking meals or for spell making; a large cauldron was needed to sustain. Round and dirty it serves its purpose as intended. Are you a witch or a cook? Or are you a witchy cook? Using a recipe? Creating as you go? Put what you wish, add whatever feels right, stir, stir, stir some more, voila, the magic concoction you brewed within is done. Enjoy the consequences! This bead will come with ONE random dangle, in a unique box. The dangles are the quill, eye, mandrake, hock, shrooom, sweep or magic. LOVE THIS.

Sure to become a quick collectible, Ohm beads are a fun way to mix and match your designer styles. The sterling silver is .925, not plated or bonded. Dirty beads do have a darker finish. This is an authentic Ohm Beads.

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