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Advertise With Generous Gems

Generous Gems is a leading fine jewelry retailer.  With a wide audience, we offer advertising packages to fit your needs whether you are a big company or just startring out.


Retail Advertising

We offer targeted advertising on our site.  Reaching a wide audience of men and women that are comfortable shopping online and appreciate the convenience it affords. And ad on our site will direct them to your product, and your site with one click, and not send them back to another google search.  We all know how completive the world of CPC (cost per click) advertising is and this is not that complicated, we offer a straight price for a full year of advertising. Contact us today:


Standard advertising includes a sidebar advertisement that you can change as frequently as you’d like.

Option 1: 

Ad on costs: $1000 USD a year for sidebar ad (dime)


Option 2:

Ad on costs $250 USD for a year sidebar ad (size)

Option 3:

Package to have the same ad on both locations:  $1150 USD


Option 4:

Premier ad on the top of $5,000. There are only two spots available for this ad.  This is a rotating ad. It is our largest ad spot to date.

  Premium Ad


Ads can be paid for directly via paypal invoice.


Your ad will be shown on every page of our site, over 91,000 pages, including product pages.  Our page averages thousands of unique hits a day.  Our site has been active for over 15 years and we are aggressively working to grow our social media presence.  Currently, we have the following, this is increasing daily:



Polyvore over 1,000 followers and 152,299 set views

Newsletter, nearly 10,000 and growing

Instagram 383 followers

Twitter 591 followers

Pinterest 1042 followers

Facebook 751 followers

We are first page ranked in Google for many categories from brands like “Ohm Beads” to “14k travel charms.” We have top raking for many key words in the jewelry industry.



If you’d like to advertise with us, please contact us with any questions.



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