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Bead charm sizes: Generous Gems carries Zable, Reflections, Kera and other beads.  These beads are standard sizes and will work with most of your other designer bracelets.  The Zable murano beads are wider than the Reflections line, the reflections line is thinner.  For further or specific size questions please contact us.
When mm are used, please note that 1" is approximately 25mm.
You may also note the sizes of typical United States Coins.

US Dime: About 17 mm (slightly more than 5/8")
US Cent:  About 19 mm (approx 3/4")
US Nickel: About 21 mm (slightly more than 3/4")
US Quarter: About 24 mm (approx 1")

Pencil Eraser: About 7 mm
6mm is approxmately 1/4"
Many get confused when it comes to size.  Please note, the items on our site are not the actual size as on your computer screen.  If an item is 5/8" x 5/8", that is the size of the piece.  We do have those that ask us if the piece is the same size as on their screen, before asking this, please consider an ad for a car you see online, is the car really only 3" x 5" in size? Probably not, therefore the jewelry you see is not calibrated for your screen, it may be larger or smaller than what you are seeing.  Please refer to all measurements in the item listing, or email us for details.  With people accessing data on huge TV screens, and tiny cell phones, reading the sizes is important.   We try to make it as clear as possible, and if you have any concerns, please ask befoe buying and we'd be happy to assist you!
ruler, enlarged
Inches, on a ruler, enlarged for detail.
UK and European Ring Size Comparison Chart 
Ring Sizes
The most accurate way to tell your ring size is to have a jeweler measure it.  The below chart is for reference only.
Ring size chart
Our beads are approximately 10mm in size, view examples here:
Bead Jewelry

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