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Gold Information

Recent media attention to gold mining has brought questions about gold in jewelry.  Generous Gems is a retailer of gold jewelry supplied by reputable jewelry manufacturers.  This is a letter sent to us from one of our designers regarding the sourcing of gold used in the production of their gold jewelry products:


We understand your concerns related to the potential environmental and cultural impact of certain mining activities.   We, and our affiliated companies, have always been and continue to be committed to conducting all phases of  operations in the most ethically, environmentally and socially responsible manner possible. The companies from which we purchase our gold maintain policies and procedures that require social and environmental responsibility on the part of their suppliers.  We would reconsider our relationship with said companies if we became aware that they were violating any social or environmental laws.


Only specific, branded gold bars or grain are acceptable in our production operations and raw material used in production is recycled internally.

 Purchased products are sourced from companies who also have a policy with regard to environmental standards.   We request that all suppliers sign an agreement that ensures all environmentally friendly practices are strictly followed.



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