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Aquamarine Information

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For many centuries, oceanic energy was believed to be contained within the delicate semblance of aquamarines. When amulets made of this precious gem were worn, sailors believed that unmatched bravery would be instilled into their souls, giving them the power to overcome even the most powerful storm.
Made of beryl, aquamarine is a hard gem variety making it a good choice for jewelry that will be worn frequently such as aquamarine rings.  However due to its delicate color and clarity it is best displayed in a more prominent position such as in aquamarine earrings or pendants.
Aquamarine appears at its best when the gem stones are able to show their brilliant clarity with a plentiful light source.

Brazil was previously the world’s major supplier of aquamarines; however, today, African nations, such as Nigeria and Madagascar, provide a greater supply of this timeless gemstone.

Aquamarines are often eye-clean, and any inclusions within this blue gemstone can easily be seen. A variety of sizes are readily available, and as the size increases, the color of aquamarines tends to intensify.
The intensity of color and the clarity of the stone are the most important criteria when evaluating this captivating blue stone. Deep blue aquamarines are rare and command higher prices in the world’s gemstone markets. Unlike other gems aquamarine is not diminished by lesser intensity of color – many people actually prefer the more crystal clear gemstones to the richer, deeper colors. Aquamarine’s clarity is one of its finest qualities like its light pink-tinged cousin – Morganite.

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