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Green Ribbon Information

Green ribbons represent awareness about several causes, including the following:

Bipolar Disorder
Bone Marrow Donation
Ecology and Envirnment
Kidney Disease
Liver Cancer
Mental Health
Mental Illness
Mental Retardation
Neural Tube Defects
Safe Driving
Stem Cell Research
Tourette's Syndrome
Worker Safety
Organ and Tissue Donation


Organ and Tissue Donation Links

Are you a donor?

Visit to learn why this is so important.

From the siate


Second Wind
A great information source.  As taken from their site, Second Wind Lung Transplant Association, Inc. was formed on April 17, 1995 by a small group of people that wanted to supply information about lung transplantation to others.  In 1995 lung transplantation was truly the beginning of a new horizon in medical technology.  Their  slogan is  "Support through Service."  Please click the link above for additional information on Second Wind.


National Organization of Transplant Enlightenment (N.O.T.E)
N.O.T.E is a non-profit organization.  The above site has links to information about Organ Donation and N.O.T.E, we encourage you to visit this link and read about N.O.T.E.  It is a great information site.
As taken from their site, or everyone, from adults to teens, TransWeb features news and events, real people's experiences, the top 10 myths about donation, a donation quiz, and a large collection of questions and answers, as well as a reference area with everything from articles to videos.  Visit today!  A great resource for all!

And make sure you click on the Transplant Journey, what a great tool!


South-Eastern Organ Procurement Foundation
As taken from their site, the mission of the South-Eastern Organ Procurement Foundation (SEOPF) is to enhance the donation, procurement and transplantation of organs and tissues through scientific studies and professional education. Since 1969, SEOPF has been dedicated to serving the medical community as an educational resource.



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