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Breast Cancer Information



If you have seen any information sites, or sites that sell breast cancer items, please send us an email let us know what they are.  Our best defense against this disease is research, education and awarness.  Spread the word, don't keep it a secret. This is everyone's disease.  Thanks!  Also, if you get errors from the links on this page, email


The Wendy Larks Foundation
The Mission of The Wendy Larks Foundation is to promote cancer awareness and to support the mental, physical and emotional well being of cancer victims.  You may make a donation in support of this organization directly through their site.


Northwest Ohio Komen Affiliate
We are not associated with Komen.  The link above goes to the NW Ohio affiliate, to find your local Komen affiliate visit for information.  Komen affiliates hold annual "Race for the Cure" events across the country that have made great strides in battling breast cancer and raising awareness.  


Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Fund
The money raised by this fund supports research efforts against breast cancer.
A portion of the profits from sales of this line go to support their efforsts.

A - Z Cancer Information
Large directory of information with multiple links on several types of cancer.

The Cancer Research Center of America, Inc. is an organization that has studies focusing on known carcinogens in cosmetics, fragrances and other everyday products that are in widespread use by girls and women.  Click the banner below to learn more
A non-profit site with excellent resources and medical information.  If you don't know where to begin looking for breast cancer information or support, this is a great starting point!

New!  The Mautner Project
Very informative site.  Has great links to help increase Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings for Underserved Women.  Breast cancer does not discriminate between those with insurance and those without.  Neither should those fighting it
Very informative. 
Great links and info.
A portion of the profits from sales of this line go to support their efforts.
Great site.  Lots of info.
Has good page about male breast cancer as well.
Very friendly site owner too!
Easy to navigate. 
Good site for information on many different types of cancer.
National Cancer Institute Site. 
Good resources.




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