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* Gnome Home Sterling Silver Bead Charm by Ohm Beads AAX010

* Gnome Home Sterling Silver Bead Charm by Ohm Beads AAX010

Item# AAX010



In sterling silver this gnome home is a great addition to any bead bracelet. Especially if you have Mr. Gnome, he certainly needs a cozy place to rest his head after all those adventures. Plus, he may run into Aunt Gnome there. The smell of baked goods wafts out the window of this little house, indicating Aunt Gnome is there for a visit. Known for her cooking skills and cheeky sense of humor. She is neat, soft spoken, and very wise. She always puts aromatic lavender sachet in with fresh folded laundry. She is the one to organize family gatherings. Her signature dish is the magic mushroom stew - she picks her special ingredients in the Spring on the valley floor, dries them up and uses them for the whole season to come. Mr Gnome - one of her most favorite nephews - loves his Aunty so! When roaming the world, he makes sure she always receives a postcard or two from wherever he is. Enlarged for detail.

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