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Hummingbird Charms Jewelry

Hummingbird Charms Jewelry

Hummingibrd Jewelery

14k Gold and Sterling Silver Hummingbird Charms. Search our selection of gold or silver hummingbird charms. We offer many styles and varieties to choose from. The charms make the perfect addition to any charm bracelet or necklace chain.

Hummingbirds are one of the most beloved birds in the world and all across North America, thousands of hummingbird lovers are tracking their migration, getting feeders ready, and planting the brightest hummingbird-attracting flowers in their gardens. With their iridescent green wings and bright scarlet throats, it's no wonder these birds are often referred to as flying jewels and inspire jewelry designers to cast or carve them in precious metals. Here's our hummingbird trivia cheat-sheet:

Only adult males of the ruby throated species have that stunning dab of color--red enough to rival their namesake gem!

The Aztec god of war was often depicted as a hummingbird and Aztec warriors believed hummingbird talismans protected and strengthened them.

Trinidad and Tobago is known as "The Land of the Hummingbird." Hummingbirds appear on their national coat of arms, one cent coin, and on the planes of their national airline.

The hum is not the bird's voice but rather the sound of its rapidly beating wings. But that didn't stop actor Frank Welker from using his own voice to give character to Flit, the lighting-fast hummingbird in Disney's Pocahontas.

The banana-pineapple-spice concoction known as hummingbird cake has been a southern cuisine favorite ever since 1978 when the recipe was first published in Southern Living and the cake won an award at the Kentucky State Fair. Whip up a batch yourself and see if you can attract bird lovers the way bird feeders attract birds!

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