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Hippopotamus Charm

Hippopotamus Charm

14k Gold and Sterling Silver Hippopotamus Charms. Search our selection of gold or silver hippopotamus charms. We offer many styles and varieties to choose from. The charms make the perfect addition to any charm bracelet or necklace chain.

The hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) or hippo (Greek: ?πποπ?ταμος, hippopotamos, from ?ππος, hippos, "horse" and ποταμ?ς, potamos, "river") is a large, mostly plant-eating African mammal, one of only two extant species in the family Hippopotamidae (the other being the Pygmy Hippopotamus). It is the heaviest extant artiodactyl, despite being significantly shorter than the Giraffe.

The hippopotamus is semi-aquatic, inhabiting rivers and lakes in sub-Saharan Africa in groups of 5-30 hippos. The hippopotamus also uses water to keep itself hydrated and able to carry out his life functions. During the day they remain cool by staying in the water or mud; reproduction and childbirth both occur in water, where territorial bulls preside over a stretch of river. They emerge at dusk to graze on grass. While hippos rest near each other in territories in the water, grazing is a solitary activity and hippos are not territorial on land.

Despite their physical resemblance to pigs and other terrestrial even-toed ungulates, their closest living relatives are cetaceans (whales, porpoise, etc.). The common ancestor of whales and hippos split from other even-toed ungulates around 60 million years ago. The earliest known hippopotamus fossils, belonging to the genus Kenyapotamus in Africa, date to around 16 million years ago.

The hippopotamus is recognizable for its barrel-shaped torso, enormous mouth and teeth, hairless body, stubby legs and tremendous size. It is the third-largest land mammal by weight (1.5-3.5 tons), behind the White Rhinoceros (1.5-4 tons) and the Elephants (3-7 tons). Despite its stocky shape and short legs, it can easily outrun a human. Hippos have been clocked at 18 mph (29 km/h) while running maximum short distances. The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world, and is often regarded as the most ferocious animal in Africa. There are an estimated 125,000 to 150,000 hippos remaining throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, of which Zambia (40,000) and Tanzania (20,000-30,000) have the largest populations. They are still threatened by poaching for their meat and ivory canine teeth, and by habitat loss.


Source: taken from Wikipedia and other on-line sources

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