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Front Back Earrings

Front Back Earrings

Emerging trends are changing the traditional definition of the earring jacket and post earring.

Traditionally, a post earring has had a hidden ear nut/backing and designers created styles for the front of the ear. Designers then got a bit creative and introduced earring jackets. Earring jackets have been defined as a piece of ear jewelry with a hole in the center through which a stud earring’s post is inserted, thus “Jacketing” the ear. The jacket has been alternated between placement on the front or the back of the lobe and jackets have dangled beneath the lobe or cupped the stud to make a larger stud. However, in both options the ear nut/backing remained functional in securing the stud through the lobe and has until recently remained hidden from view.

Designers recently have introduced new earrings that they are now calling earring jackets and these are created for both the front and back of the ear. These fashion forward earrings move ear nuts/backings from the shadows of necessity and position them as a fashion statement. These trendy earrings have an ornamental piece that slides or clips onto the post from behind the lobe. The backings are made to be seen and they hang beneath the lobe. With styles available in dangles as well as with oversized balls, these latest earrings are redefining our industry vocabulary and how an ear jacket is worn.

Trend spotters are commenting in trade press on these latest pieces showing up on runways as well as in magazines and within new collections debuting. This is a trend we expect will last through 2015 and will be adding additional styles

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