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Palm Tree Jewelry Designs

Palm Tree Jewelry Designs

14k Gold or Sterling Silver Palm Tree Jewelry Designs. Search our catalog of 14k Gold or Sterling Silver Palm Tree Jewelry Designs for the item you want to remember from time spent with family or friends at the beach or from a favorite get away spot. We offer many favorite styles of gold, silver or diamond Palm Tree Jewelry Designs plus much, much more. The designs we offer are sure to become a treasure of a lifetime!


A symbol of tropical vacations, honeymoons and good times, palms are one of the most well-known and extensively cultivated plant families. They have been important to humans throughout much of history. Many common products and foods are derived from palms, and palms are also widely used in landscaping for their exotic appearance, making them one of the most economically important plants. In many historical cultures, palms were symbols for such ideas as victory, peace, and fertility. Today, palms remain a popular symbol for the tropics and vacations. (info taken from wikipedia and other online sources).

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