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Zircon Information

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For centuries the bright brilliance of zircon has captured the hearts of many jewelry and gemstone lovers.  It is a stunning gem!  Zircon’s popularity began to grow in the sixth century, when Italian artisans featured the stone in jewelry designs. During the Middle Ages, zircon was believed to contain remedial power, protecting the wearer from diseases and banishing insomnia. The name "zircon" is believed to have derived from the Arabic words, "zar", meaning gold, and "gun", meaning color.

Thailand and Cambodia are the world’s major suppliers of zircon with large deposits near the border of the two countries. Vietnam, Burma, Sri Lanka and Africa also provide a large supply of these marvelous gemstones to the world market.

There are three natural types of zircons: low, medium and high. The variance is due mainly to the differences in the specific gravity and refractive index.

Having the highest refractive index among any natural gemstones, with the exception of diamonds, the brilliance of high zircon is second to none. As temperature rises, the refractive index of zircon also increases, making the gems even more spectacular. Despite its brilliance, Zircon is quite brittle and can easily be chipped or scratched. When setting zircon jewelry care need be taken to make a protective mount. Therefore zircon earrings and zircon necklaces are the more obvious choices but zircon rings need not be discounted ­ simply treated with respect.

A very unique characteristic of zircon is birefringence, meaning that light splits into two rays as it passes through the stone. As a result, the back facets appear as double images.

Zircons are often blue or colorless. Other color varieties, such as yellow, orange, green, brown and red, do exist, but they are extremely rare.

The intensity of color and the clarity of the stone are the most important criteria when evaluating zircon. The presence of visible flaws greatly diminishes the value of this stone.

Deep blue and natural red zircons are the most sought after varieties. Intense blue, orange and red zircons over 3 carats in size fall into the moderate price range. Smaller stones with ordinary colors will fall into the lower price range.


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