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Citrine Information

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One of the most affordable gemstones on the market, citrine is a golden yellow form of quartz which takes its name from "citron", the French word for lemon.

In former times Citrine was used as a protective talisman against the plague, bad skin and evil thoughts, and as a charm against snake bites and other venomous reptiles. It is also believed to symbolize happiness, aid digestion, remove toxins from the body, and be useful in the treatment of depression, constipation and diabetes.

Citrine is one of the accepted birthstones for November, as well as the anniversary gemstone for the 13th year of marriage. It is found mainly in Brazil.                                                                                             

Citrine does appear naturally but most commercial citrine is the result of heating amethyst. Colors range from pale yellow to yellowish-brown and "Madeira" red, after the color of the wine. Traditionally the Madeira shades were valued higher but these days many people prefer the bright lemony shades which mix better with pastel colors.
Since most Citrine started life as Amethyst which was heated to turn its color to gold, Citrine jewelry should be kept away from prolonged exposure to strong light or heat. With this precaution, Citrine jewelry will last for many generations.

Citrine is readily available, very affordable in large sizes and stands up well to daily wear.  Citrine earrings, Citrine necklaces and Citrine rings are all popular as Citrine is one the most versatile of gems. Citrine can be easily confused with topaz and has even been called "topaz quartz." This however, is incorrect and should be avoided.

Information on this stone was gathered from several sources,including but not limited to the Gemological Institute of America. 

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