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Enamel is a kind of glass fused to metal, usually copper, silver or gold, at high temperatures [around 800 degrees Centigrade]. Enameling adds a beautiful touch to precious metals. It takes a "regular" piece of jewelry and makes it unique. Most enameling is done by hand and takes a steady hand and with good eye. Enameling may have been invented independently in around the world. However, the most widely used enameling orignated in Cyprus.


Enamel Santa Hat Charm


Please wear your enameled jewelry with care. Just as a dropped glass can shatter... enameling can shatter or crack if banged against another object or dropped. Because enamel is essentially glass, it must be treated as such. While techniques have improved, and our enamel pieces are designed with the utmost of quality and care, little things such as medications you may be on, or lotions and shampoo can react with the jewelry you are wearing and may cause the enamel to chip or wear faster than expected. So again, wear your items with care, do not expose them to harsh or common household chemicals, remove all jewelry before bathing, swimming or immersing in a hot tup or steam bath. Salt water, or humidity can degrade the enamel faster.  Treat it like the precious item it is and it will last a lifetime! As with all jewelry, remove it before getting wet.


What are Enamels?  To most people, enamel is a hard, glossy paint used on woodwork and doors.  But this is not a true enamel.  Technically, enameling in its simplest from means fusing powdered glass to a (normally) metal backing at high heat.

Many road signs, and even some kinds of pots and pans, are enameled this way.  So are some of the most beautiful ornamental objects ever fashioned by human skill.

Not many retail stores sell handmade enamel jewelry today.  Fine enamels have long had an honored place in the story of jewelry-making and other decorative arts.  In past centuries people thought them just as beautiful as gems.  There is a great level of skill and workmanship required to make enamels, thus they were valued highly.


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