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Garnet Information

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The word garnet comes from the latin word granatus. Garnet crystals embedded in rock had the color and shape of pomegranate seeds.

Garnets come in all shades of brown, green, purple, red and orange.  Some are common, some rare.

Garnets of deep red, violet-red and black come from Arizona in America, South America, Ceylon, India, and Australia.

Green, dark green, cinnamon, brownish yellow, and jade green garnets come from Switzerland, Ceylon, and South Africa. Bright apple green garnets (called Tsavorite) come from Russia and Finland.

Typically the standard deep red-brown colors you see in stores are inexpensive and come from India, South America, Russia and North America.
It is said that King Solomon wore a large red garnet along with eleven other magical gems (representing the 12 steps of Jacob's Ladder) in his breast plate to help him win battles and to keep him in touch with the deity.

In the 13th century, they were worn to repel insects and evil spirits and the evil eye of others.

In Egyptian times they were taken into the tombs with the dead as payment to the gods of the nether worlds and for their passage through the nether world safely.

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